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We bring more than just a place to live into your life - we bring your life into a comfortable and satisfying space in which to relax, recreate, work and entertain - a place of growth.
Every home built by Kevin Green perfectly integrates customer lifestyle, site selection and design.  Understanding this balance is key to our success.  When you choose KGH Building Group LLC as your builder, you are getting a team of professional designers and craftsmen dedicated to bringing your personal vision to life.
At KGH Building Group LLC, our commitment to you begins well before the contract is signed and continues long after.  We understand that exceptional service and uncompromising quality go hand in hand in creating a home that will exceed your expectations and continue to grow with your future needs. 
Simply put, our promise if to be there every step of the way.  We are committed not only to your satisfaction, but also to your comfort before, during and after the construction process.
We value you as more than just a customer.  We consider you to be a team member involved in decision making.  Our design group will offer you an array of choices and solid direction in the areas of color, texture, light, sound, landscape and technological convenience.
Our award-winning design capabilities, years of experience and detailed product knowledge all combine with your desires to produce the home you've always wanted.
We know that a home is to be valued as one of life's most important choices and a symbol of personal accomplishment.  You can expect the best in every aspect of a home built by Kevin Green.  The highest quality materials, used properly, assembled and installed by skilled craftsmen guarantee that your investment is a sound one.
But even more than the investment grade of a home built by Kevin Green is it's value to you as your personal space to conduct matters of private and family life - a place of sharing.  Our experience in custom home building has given us the insight we need to be sensitive to your needs with the value built in.
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